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The LL Kid: Brian, the light of my life :)...I will always be grateful for knowing you...your love is the most important thing that happened in my life ever....if exists a male version of me, that's you :)!...the best is yet to come :).... Nothing's gonna stop us now, baby :)


LepGirl: Julie Desjardins, my canadian sister of soul :)! Our great friendship is beyond the distance & I know that we will have a blast when we finally meet for real :) You are one of the best gals I've ever known...Keep being so lovely Jul :)

DEF_FAN: The sweet Karyne :) I'm so glad of being your friend :) I wish I could be with you & Jul in Canada! Our chats have been great & I'm so glad you count on me :) You are one of my best friends (real & cyber) ever along with Jul :) Don't forget that :)

A pic of my mosqueters..DEF_FAN/Kary with LepGirl/Julie. :) Sometime soon...the 3 will be togheter!!! :)

Mandy :


Def Jon:

Koko: It was cool to meet ya during the Slang lep tour :) Hope you liked our mighty country! :) Ahem.....2nd lep show!! :) (actually I hope you forgot about that concert! <G> hehe we never talked about it...I wonder what you think about the argentinian 'cannibals' lep fans :) <G>)


Reniet: Reny :) I'm so

Jurden: Wow! My Steve Clark crazy friend :) We lost contact for almost 2 years & you still are as fanatic as the 1st time! :) You are one of my 1st lep freinds ever & I will never forget how much fun we used to have talking on the phone! :) MY accent is awful!! :) I miss that :) ...Sigh..gotta get that damn Netmeeting!! :)

Lisa: You are soooooooooo nice :)Thanx for your patience! :) Your support, kindness & friendship :) I don't know if exist a way to thanx you for all.You are one of a kind! :) And the Phil biggest fan I've ever known :) (and that is including myself! :) ).

Carola: Aguante Def Leppard! :) So when are we gonna meet finally? :) I even met your boyfriend but still not you! :) In the next lep club meeting maybe? :)

Cris: MY chilean Rolling Stone friend :) Had a blast with ya every time we met! :) Hope to see ya on Argentina again soon :) Greetings to Rafa :)

Dominique: I don't know you much :) But you do have good taste in music (Joe Satriani :)) & I know I will learn a lot of English & French with ya. I hope to be useful & make you practise & learn Spanish :)