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On IRC....

Well, you can usually find me under the nick mightyLEP on some cool channels of the Undernet Server: #hysteria (the friendliest place on earth! :), on #DefLeppard!,& on #bonjovi (another really cool place..people are so nice that you gotta love it even if you don't like Bon Jovi! :) )....oh yeah...sometimes I can be on #playground, #mexico or #argentina.

Well, it is some of my Irc friends...If you stop by these channels these are some of the cool people you can meet :)...


#Hysteria #Bon Jovi #Mexico


#Hysteria (

These are my best friends on #hysteria

The LL Kid Askds/Rellim Daniel_S breakfree' skeoch

LepGirl def-fan Heaven' Silja


Heaven': Lor is the first person I met on irc. She made me feel confortable on the channel since the beginning :) And our friendship keeps growing & growing :) And she is also the best friend of my luv so u cannot love Lori! :)HUGZ :)


Asdks: My crazy/psychologist/Nick Carter's Backstreet Boys look alike friend!!! :) Joe!!!!!! :) You are wonderful :) I really don't know how you can stand me!! LOL :) Actually, we are so different that I don't know how we get along so great :) Thanx for being always there when I need you :) You & Dani are like my twins brothers (it's funny cos I do have a twin brother for real but I pay more attention to your advices than his! <G>..I guess the reason for that is that he's my real twin bro!!! :) hehe :)....Wanna see another cute pic of Nick....errrrr...Joe? <G>


Daniel_S: My lazy/funny/personnal diary pal :) You don't seem to know how important your friendship & advices are for me..but they are dammit!!!! :) You can't imagine how I miss you now that we don't seem to meet on irc that sure that I'm always here for you Dan :) Love ya :)



Skeoch: The twister is comming!!! Oh's Oscar!!!! :) hehe...Mate, your hands never stop typing or what? :) Wow, I thought I'd never find a person on this planet that talks more than me ...but then I knew you!...oh yeah..and Richard/breakfree' :) You are just too funny! :) I can't wait to meet you for real & go to see Van Halen togheter!! :) Oh yeah...and thanx for your help too :)



Silja: irc Phil terror twin! :) You rule..but Phil's mine , O.K.? :) Thanx for visiting my Phil page & for the compliments about if I only could get his phone number to get it official <G>...oh well..All I Want Is Everything :)


breakfree': Rick! Do you have some time off to breath dear? :) This guy never rest :) I think you need to know are VERY talentous dammit!!! :) Stop saying that the others are better! You have incredible musical projects, has a really fantastic personality...believe me, I know you will make it to the top..I hope that when you'll be a rock star you still remember this poor, loser friend (Hi! <G>) :) Yeah...Queen ROCKS....and so does Def Leppard :) <G> Oh let's make some plugs too <G>...visit this page The Official Rock Patrol Website:



#Bon Jovi

Bjkid: Yves, is SOOO nice & kind..We got along GREAT since my first visit to the channel...he has good taste in music (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Leppard..a totally 80's babe <G>) and I recommend you to give a look to his pic...Is he gorgeous or what?! :) (but watch out lusters..he's married with 2 kids! :)). And well, he's from the friendly Canada too (that says it all! :))


JBJBryanX: The 'Republica Dominicana' guy :) He is veeeeeery funny! :) And very cute too so stop telling the opossite, Bryan! :) He doesn't like Def Leppard tho, which is bad ;)


Wave: Steph is a gal I'm starting to know, but she seems to be very nice, funny & has really good taste in music! :) We have bunch of things in common & I can't wait to meet her & Yves when I'll go to Montreal :)  


The Answer: Shalom! <G> Miri is my lil' Hebrew sis :) She is lotsa fun to talk with, very kind & we think very alike! :)



Elio_:Hola! :) My nice mexican friend :) You are really special & nice...keep that in mind :)..I'm so happy that everything is going great in your life :) You deserve it! :) Please don't pay attention to my advices anymore tho <G> ;-)