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Mailing Lists I'm on :)


-LepNet-The Def Leppard Mailing List: This is THE Def Leppard list! With more than 600 members from all over the world, this is the place where I met some of my best friends & even my boyfriend :)

-Sweet Savage-Rick Savage Mailing List: the list of the Def Leppard's bassist Rick Savage.

-LepSpot-Def Leppard Mailing List: Another cool Def Leppard Mailing List

-The Def Leppard Fan List-Def Leppard Mailing List: A new but cool Def Leppard Mailing List.

-Slang Discussion List-Def Leppard: A fun Def Leppard discussion group.

-The Def Leppard Newsgroup which you can find on Usenet: