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My exclusive lep pics...

*Note: These pics are from my property, if you wanna use them, ask for them. Thanx :) (wow..that sounded rude <G>)


-Rick Allen playing with my friend Pablo's godchild. In the Hotel Intercontinental. April 21st, 1997. :)

-The guys outside the Intercontinental Hotel wearing the Argentinian national soccer team t-shirt. April 19th,1997 :)

-Sav outside the Intercontinental Hotel. April 19th.

-Joe outside the Intercontinental Hotel with fans

-Pablo with Joe Elliott

-Pablo with Rick

-My friend Paola & Viv

-Joe live. Def Leppard Argentinian 1st show. April 19th-Gran Rex Theatre.

-Sav live- Def Leppard Argentinian 1st show. April 19th-Gran Rex Theatre

-Phil & Joe in the 2nd Argentinian lep show (Joe is wearing the t-shirt Gise & me gave him! :)

-Def Leppard & fans in the Argentinian Meet-and-Greet :)

-Joe & Malvin in the Meet-and-Greet_April 19th.

-The guys in the Meet-and-Greet_April 19th.

-1st Lep show-Grand Rex Concert ticket-April 19th

-2nd lep show-Dr.Jekyll ticket-April 20th

More pics comming soon! :)