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| My non-cyber friends (but not normal for that matter <G>!)


Giselle: You are DEFinitely my best friend ever..More than my aunt <G>? :) It's so great, I've shared everything with you (neighbourhood, high school, fan club, the 1st lep concerts & meeting, boyfriend..oh wait, not that <G>). I'm still surprised of how much things in common we both have..the most weird thing is our music can we both like Def Leppard, Roxette, Spice Girls, Madonna, some crappy dance/latin music (yes, I'm guilty<G> ), Backstreet Boys & Alanis Morisette at the same time?..You are the loveliest girl in the world, always there for joy & sorrows (..more sorrows tho <G> j/k :)) & well, our families also had a kind of connection I can see that our friendship will never end :)

Diego: Wow! We trust so much on each other & there's that much reliability that can be scary sometimes! :) I really don't know how to call you....cos you are more than a brother but you are younger than me so I can't call you dad <G> :) hehe..It's so weird cos we have too much fun togheter but we don't have anything at all in common...anyway, this friendship has survived to any kind of obstacules & I know it will always do :)

Yamila: Even though you live in another city now & we cannot meet every day as we used to, you still are the great friend I got to know in high school (those were the days...sigh :) ). It's great that even if we both are the laziest girls on the planet, we get rid off anything every sunday to get togheter with Giselle like in the old days :)

Cynthia: hehe....Cyn! :) You are something else....we are both so stubborn dammit! :)..that's why we have so much fun togheter even when we fight! :)..Oh, BTW...don't forget...I'm always right <G>!

Judith: Judi, I'm sorry..You have been a great friend & I know I have been dissapearing a bit lately (I know Cynthia thinks that too)..but that doesn't mean that I don't care about you, O.K? :) Don't be mad at me, I will call more often <G> :)


Mariana: The nice Mari :) We don't meet that often (your fault! <G>) but we have lots of fun togheter when we do...I love going to the disco with you :) And well...when we both meet with Giselle & Yamila we are a storm! :)

Eugenia: My impostor :)..My lep friend & fan club partner :) I was so lep alone until I met you (then we both fanatized Giselle <G>) are very cool :) Thanx for your help & your friendship...oh BTW...forget about impersonating me on the next lep tour!!! <G> Malvin already knows the truth!! hehe J

Ezequiel (Zequi): My patient pal :) Thanx Zek..I never call, I'm the worst & you are still so good with me :) Sorry for all & thanx for understanding me :) I promise you that if I go to live to Canada you can come with me & stay at home ?! :)


Flavio: My casanova/broken-hearted have an arem or what? :) You are loveIy altho I think you should take life a bit more seriously :) (hmmmm..look who's talking now <G>).. Anyway, I can't believe it's been 3 years of freindship!! Wow :)!.. I will never forget your happy face after the lep show last year! :) And I'm so proud to say I gave you the ticket <G>...Oh god, what I was thinking when I did that? <G> j/k :) Oh and put your hands off Giselle or you are dead man!! <G>

Lep Club mates..


Paola: Pao you are too cool :) Thanx for your friendship & help :) We miss you in the fan club :) You really need a rest!... Next time the leps come here it's gonna be better cos our friendship grew & we will go to follow them togheter everywhere (and video-taping it too :) ).


Joaquin: THE guitar player!! ..Drum roll please <G>..Wow! Can you give me your autograph? :) <G> I feel honoured of playing with you :) hehe...I was so emotioned when I heard you playing lep stuff for the 1st time! :) I blushed & laughed during the whole reheasal (how dumb! <G>).. well, it was just that you sounded so much like the leps! :) I also enjoy our non-fan club/go outs meetings a lot :) Thanx for standing my silliness!! :) Oh, and you are a good dancer too :)