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Me w/ Def Leppard! :)

Thanx to Yves & 'Badname' from #bonjovi for the background pic taken on the tv show Musique Plus ! :)

Def Leppard is the greatest, coolest, biggest, hottest & best band in the whole world by far! Their music means a lot for me & I practically grew up listening to those guys stuff :) I'm involved in lots of lep activities, such us the LepNet (The Def Leppard Mailling List) Steering Committee, represent their Argentinian Unofficial Fan Club 'Mighty Roar!, sing on a local leppard cover band, hang out on #hysteria & #DefLeppard, have 3 lep home pages & make the Spanish Home Page for the Leppard United Fan Club :) To make it short....I join everything I can find lep related! :) I love every single song from the band (REALLY..oh yeah I don't like 'Overture & 'When the Walls Come Tumbling Down' very much <G>)...& of course, I love the guys! :) I think they are not only excellent musicians but very down-to-earth people who care & respect their fans :) I had the chance to proof that last year when I attend 2 lep concerts (and got surprised of their musical skills! :) Specially on Mr. Collen...and uh..well he's hot too <G>)& met the guys face-to-face a couple of times :) Can't wait to repeat that experiences again! :)

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