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My Family

© The LL Kid-My boyfriend

{ Susi-My Mom

: Beto-My dad

J Damian-My twin bro :)

Me & The LL Kid- My boyfriend.

No, this is not a promotional LepNet affair to gain new subscribers <G> :) Brian's & mine friendship started a year ago on LepNet (July 22nd, 1997) & finally became love on April 7th, 1998. So after a while of keeping it as a secret I can now proudly say that he is all mine, mine, mine :) Don't we look totally adorable togheter? <G> :) And all this happened b/c of our mutual friend Julie D!! :) I'm sure that if she is reading this she won't know what the heck I'm talking about <G> But well, she talked to me about Bri (and viceversa) before we got to know & kept us curious & looking foward to get to know to each other. So hmmm..she is our official internet cupid :) (now it's myself who is wondering what the heck I'm talking about <G>) :) .

I won't say all the incredible personality Brian has, his infinite qualities, the zillion of things we both have in common (which are more than liking Def Leppard & The Spice Girls BTW <G>) b/c it might take a looooooong time & might catch some interest on him from other girls...which I don't want it to happen <G>:) But I can say that he makes me the happiest girl in the planet & is the best thing that ever happened to me :)

As a funny note, we both appeared in an interview made by the Argentinian Internet Provider : Ciudad Digital. The pics suck a bit <G> & the article is written in Spanish :) But we are sure that our friends will crack up when they see it! :)

Also..did u know that I appeared on the 'People Online Magazine'? <G> :) This is what a guy can make for love :) Check it out! :)

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