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Tammie's place this is my personnal Home Page...what everyone have been waiting for...(?!)..well, ok..just me <G> :)

This page is dedicated to all the people who asked me for pics (cos here you will find tons of them), & my cyber & real friends....


In case you wanna know who the heck I am...well, there isn't much to say about me really.....I'm Tammie Goldsztajn, 19 years old, one of the most crazy fans DEF LEPPARD can have (I'm a member of anything lep name it , I'm on it! :)), a serious DEFinitive IRC/ICQ addicted, languages lover ( I'm Spanish speaking, study English, will start to study French in August...oh ..and I can understand some Italian & Portuguese & read Hebrew a bit! <G>) What else?..Mmmm...not very interesting stuff really..I like soccer (my fav team is Velez Sarfield) & I'm an avid fan of the Argentinian selection (specially for the World Cup). I sing on a Leppard cover band with no name (suggestions welcome!), represent a leppard fan club in Argentina (oh, yeah! I live there too! <G>), & study some computer courses.

What do I do for fun?.Uh..Being with my boyfriend Brian, the famous LL Kid, dancing R&R, latin music & hard rock in Argentinian discos, or seeing in concert to any Heavy Metal/Hard/Rock international band (DL, Kiss, Bon Jovi , Queensryche, Whitesnake, etc) although I'm a really open-minded person & I basically listen to all kind of music (yeah, I even like The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys & Hanson...I know , I know..I'm a loser :) <G>!). Oh I also love swimming, roller-bladding & of course, meeting/hanging out with my friends :) And I'm also desperated looking for a job! ( <G>) :)


For your web page...tons of buttons, backgrounds, gifs, lines & more... :) you really wanna meet me???..Ok, if that is your will........

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